Aug/2011: New Items Added!

Composers: Eugen D´Albert, Cerha, Menotti, etc.

A George Gershwin signed program with him performing his own music. Item is in a large frame, together with other memorabilia items.

Many programs with Arthur Nikisch conducting, together with famous violinists and pianists

Pianists: Autograph photos by Argerich, Gavrilov, Ohlsson, etc. Vintage programs with famous pianists, including one with from a concert with Johannes Brahms at the piano.

String performers: Tetzlaff, Hahn, Kennedy, Ehnes, Zukerman, and others

Composers performing: the entire subcategory under “Programs – Special Sections” was expanded, with many photos of programs in stock added, plus many new items.

Conductors: Autograph photos of Arthur Nikisch, Hans Kannpertsbusch, Pierre Monteux, Carlos Kleiber, etc – A Wilhelm Furtwangler signed program

Violin Programs: Nearly 100 vintage unsigned programs from concerts by the most famous violinists (Burmester, Busch, Elman, Flesch, Grumiaux, Hendel, Hubermann, Sarasate, Ysaye,  Manen, Marteau,  Neveu, Sauret, Spalding, Oistraj,  Petschnikoff,  Szigeti, Telmanyi, Von Vecsey, Rosé Quartett, Hellmesberger and Joachim Quartett and more!


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