Bayreuth Festival 2014

Starting tomorrow, July 25th, the famous Bayreuth Festival will run until August 28th.

Bayreuth 1876 Ticket Stubs

Tickets stubs from the first festival in 1876 and first performance ever of the full ring! – Set of 4 was sold in 2013 for almost 10,000 usd, these are only one of the many collectibles related to the Festival that are in the market

One of the hottest opera tickets in the world, you often need to buy them up to 10 years in advance.

Founded in 1876, inauguration took place on August 13th of that year, with Wagner himself present, plus attendance of Tchaikovsky, Bruckner, Grieg, Liszt and other distinguished composers in the audience.

Plagued by financial problems in the first few years, the Festival managed to not only survive them but to have a regular annual presence for almost 140 years now.

Bayreuth Festival collectibles (programs, photos, guide books, etc) are highly sought-after today. We have created a special category dedicated to Bayreuth Festival, with 2 sub-sections, one for Bayreuth Photos and the other for Bayreuth Programs and Playbills



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