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New non-signed items recently added to our website, TAMINO,

Vienna Philharmonic 1926 – Large Original Etching by Ferdinand Schmutzer

Vienna Philharmonic 1926 - Original etching by Ferdinand SchmutzerVienna Philharmonic 1926 - Original etching by Ferdinand Schmutzer
   Ferdinand Schmutzer (1870-1928), an Austrian artist, printmaker and photographer produced this etching , in 1926, featuring the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, in rehearsal, under the baton of conductor Feliz Weingartner (1863-1942).
   A number of texts have been written regarding this exceptional print , notably “Dermusikerportraits of Ferdinand Schmutzer”, Barbel Holaus , Vienna, 2001, in which he discuss’s  the artist, this print and numerous other musicians and composers, and the 51 musicians in this composition are identified. Schmutzer captured the creative talents and personal demeanor of musicians and other famous personalities of his time (The Rose Quartet, Albert Einstein, Rudolph Von Alt, etc). There have been only a few offered for sale to our knowledge , in the past ten years, and we are proud to offer one original in our website.
   This item is setting a standard for the unique character of musical prints and related books of musical interest that we will be listing in the coming months.



May/2016: New Categories + Newly Listed Items

Fritz Reiner signed photo

Fritz Reiner (1888-1963), signed photo.

We created TWO entirely new categories in our site!

Fritz Reiner (1888-1963), signed photo.

AUTOGRAPHS – Singers (Russia) now with 90 items,

RECENTLY ADDED items (link is under the top banner, over the right). This category automatically displays all items added to our site in the last 30 days – currently with over 150 listings.

This new category will certainly make it easier for our visitors to find what we our latest additions are.

Additionally, new listings in:

STRINGS: Cesar Thomson

COMPOSERS: Charles Gounod, Anton Rubinstein, Sigmund Romberg

CONDUCTORS: Fritz Reiner, Sergiu Celibidache, Pierre Monteux, Dimitri Mitropoulos

PIANISTS: William Kapell, Claudio Arrau, Vladimir Horowitz, and others.

SINGERS: A couple of unusual items: a beautiful glove signed by star soprano Emma Calvé, and a handkerchief used in performance, signed by Joan Sutherland

Plus many photos added to categories Autographs – Singers ($50 or less)


Sign Here: Opera Magazines!

Alfredo Kraus signed opera News Magazine

Alfredo Kraus (1927-1999), signed Opera News Magazine (Nov/91)

For a long time, opera fans have been turning to opera-related publications

Alfredo Kraus (1927-1999), signed Opera News Magazine (Nov/91)

such as programs, librettos, scores and even opera magazines, all for the purpose of getting them autographed by their favorite artists.

Opera magazines offer a good option, since most feature beautiful photographs of opera stars in their covers. A couple of good examples are Opera News, a monthly publication associated with the Metropolitan Opera in New York, and Das Opern Glas, a Hamburg-based publication released every month in German language.

Recollected by a fan for nearly 20 years, we acquired and listed nearly 100 signed magazines from these 2 publications, all from the 1980s, 90s and early 2000s. Each one is signed by a famous opera star, either singer or conductor.

Find Opera News signed magazines in 3 listings (labeled as Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3) and Das Opern Glas in 2 separate listings (as Part1 and Part 2).

Time Magazine, 1956 – Maria Callas´celebrated debut at the Met Opera.


TIME magazine, a famous weekly publication since 1923, has also celebrated the art of opera and classical music. Time has periodically released covers featuring singers and conductors, including an article about the featured artist.

We have listed over a dozen of them, unsigned, with artists such as Lily Pons, Maria Callas,

Rosa Ponselle, Nellie Melba, Kirsten Flagstad, and many others. See them HERE. Separately, we also listed a few of these signed by Luciano Pavarotti, Beverly Sills, Rudolf Bing, etc. Find them by typing the proper keywords.


Oct/2014: New Items Added

Falstaff World Premiere Booklet 1893

Original Falstaff World Premiere Booklet, 1893

We are now also offering autographs in AMAZON.COM – So far Amazon has been a venue

Original Falstaff World Premiere Booklet, 1893

for our sale of used CDs, we have nearly 300 listings there. We are now adding listings of quality autographs of singers, composers, pianists, violinists, etc. See our storefront HERE

Since our last posting on this blog, we added many more items to

COMPOSERS: Gaspare Spontini, Richard Strauss, Edvard Grieg, and over a dozen autographs of lesser-known composers and conductors.

CONDUCTORS: Pierre Monteux, Lorin Maazel

More CDVs and Cabinet photos added to the corresponding section.

A Falstaff World Premiere booklet, 1893 (see photo) was added to the Miscellaneous Items category.

SINGERS: Autographs by Artot de Padilla, Carlo Tagliabue, Icilio Calleja, Rosa Ponselle, José Luccioni, Florencio Constantino, Giuseppe Anselmi, Leonid Sobinov, Tito Schipa, Max Lorenz, Giuseppe Martinelli, Lucien Muratore.

Nearly 200 new listings were added to the category Autographs – Singers – Under $45, which now has nearly 1500 autographs!

MARIA CALLAS: 2 rare programs for performances in Athens, Greece and one in Chicago at the end of her career

BALLET: A new category was created: Ballet Memorabilia, which is being slowly filled with listings of quality unsigned ballet items. The ballet autograph section now has autographs by Genia Melikova, Wayne Sleep, Natalia Makarova, a book signed by Baryshnikov, etc.


Sign Here: Autograph Books!

Claudia Muzio signed album page, 1920s

Italian star soprano Claudia Muzio (1889-1936) signed this album page in 1923 for a fan in Rio di Janeiro, Brazil, adding a nice quote from "Tosca".

An autograph book is simply a small notebook where someone collects autographs from others.

They started to be used as early as the 16th century among students in universities and schools, where they could preserve handwritten messages, drawings, etc made by collegues and friends. Eventually, these books started to be used outside the academic environment, to collect signatures of artists from theater, opera, concert hall, circus,

Italian star soprano Claudia Muzio (1889-1936) signed this album page in 1923 for a fan in Rio di Janeiro, Brazil, adding a nice quote from “Tosca”.


Autograph books became increasingly popular, but their popularity started to slowly fade in the second half of the 19th century. They were still in use by some people in the 1930s and 40s, were much more rarely seen after 1950

or so.

It is not unusual to find old autograph books with signatures of opera and concert hall artists of all kind. But prices are not the same than a good old signed photo or even a nice program. Some have appeared where superstar Enrico Caruso not only put his signature but also added a beautiful ink or pencil caricature.

We have just added a couple of sets of loose pages from autograph albums (see here and here), and we have in stock many individual loose pages coming from such albums. Today, they are not only a reminder of the artists from the past but of the way past fans approached artists and how memorabilia was collected in their times.


Marie Taglioni, Celebrated Ballerina – Playbills

Taglioni, Marie - Drury Lanes Theater broadside, 1837

Taglioni, Marie - Drury Lane Theater broadside, 1837

Born in Sweden from Italian parents, Marie Taglioni (1804-1884) was by far one of

Taglioni, Marie – Drury Lane Theater broadside, 1837

the most famous ballerinas of all times. Taglioni rose to fame when her father (also a dancer and teacher) created for her the famous ballet La Sylphide in 1832.

Taglioni was also famous for the use of dancing en pointe, and shortening the skirt (a highly scandalous practice in her time).

In 1827 and after a few years in theaters in London and Paris, Taglioni left for St. Petersburg, Russia, where she performed for 15 years, with many trips back to London and Paris.

We have added a few playbills announcing performances by Marie Taglioni in

London, 1837, these are rare memorabilia items that immortalize this part of her career and show how famous she was in her time.


Oct/2013: New Autographs Added!

Maria Caniglia, signed photo as Aida

Maria Caniglia (1905-1979), signed photo as Aida

COMPOSERS: Arrigo Boito autograph letter, plus several autograph items from lesser-known composers

Maria Caniglia (1905-1979), signed photo as Aida

CONDUCTORS: Jean Fournet, Bruno Walter signed letter

SINGERS: Edouard De Reszke, Tito Schipa, Lauritz Melchior, Claudia Muzio, Angelica Pandolfini, Antonio Paoli, Gabriella Besanzoni, Maria Caniglia, Franco Corelli

2 vintage, autograph letters signed by french tenors Gilbert Duprez and Gustave Roger

2 autograph photos of Enrico Caruso

A nice photo postcard signed by star ballerina Anna Pavlova (under Autographs – Ballet)

INSTRUMENTALISTS: A nice signed cabinet photo of cellist (and later baritone) Giuseppe Campanari, a signed photo of guitar virtuoso Andres Segovia

ALSO: A few vintage programs from Bayreuth Festival under Bayreuth – Programs.

Some vintage programs with famous conductors under Programs – Music – Unsigned – Conductors.

New items were added to the sections under Autographs – Singers – Under $45


Sep/2013: New Autographs & Memorabilia Added!

Callas, Maria - Cappuccilli, Piero - Double Signed LP record Lucia di Lammermoor album

MARIA CALLAS: 1 signed photo, 6 signed LP records and a signed copy of her biography “La Divina” by Stelios Galatopoulos, also signed by the author!

Callas, Maria – Cappuccilli, Piero – Double Signed LP record Lucia di Lammermoor album

RICHARD WAGNER: A series of vintage prints depicting opera scenes at Bayreuth Festival in the 1870s and 1880s (first productions)

A playbill from 1861 announcing a concert with Richard Wagner conducting his own music (including not yet premiered pieces!)

Wagner, Richard – Playbill Concert 1863 with Wagner Conducting his Own Music

AUTOGRAPHS – COMPOSERS: Autographs by Richard Wagner, Richard Strauss, Sergei Rachmaninoff

Many playbills and programs with Ferdinand Loewe (Löwe) were listed in lots under categories “Playbills – Music” and “Programs – Music – Unsigned – Conductors”, including the inaugural nights of the Wiener Concertvereinsorchester, today the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, which he founded in 1900.
Also, some programs and playbills with Willem Mengelberg and Ferruccio Busoni as conductors, and more


June/2013: New Autographs Added!

Enrico Caruso - Signed Photo in Rigoletto, circa 1903


Enrico Caruso – Signed Photo in Rigoletto, circa 1903

SINGERS: Bernardo de Muro, Mario Lanza, Placido Domingo, Elena Suliotis (x2), Beniamino Gigli (x2), Cesare Siepi, etc

A beautiful, large signed photo of Enrico Caruso in Rigoletto

A silk program from a Gala Performance in 1902 at the Metropolitan Opera in honor to Prince Henry of Prussia´s visit to New York. Program included many star singers from the Met in that time: Milka Ternina, Ernestine Schumann-Heink, Johanna Gadski, Eduard de Reszke, Emma Calve, Antonio Scotti, Emma Eames, Louise Homer, Marcella Sembrich, Lucienne Breval (under MISCELLANEOUS Items)

COMPOSERS: Hans and Ingeborg Brosart von Schellendorf, etc.

CONDUCTORS: German conductor and composer Siegfried Ochs, plust a very nice collection of unsigned programs with famous conductors, including some world premieres of works, and programs from Salzburg Festival

BAYREUTH FESTIVAL / RICHARD WAGNER SECTIONS: Several cabinet photos of early productions of his operas and portraits of the composer were added

A beautiful signed photo of Cosima Wagner, second wife of the composer and director of Bayreuth Festival for 22 years

Some vintage prints were added to different sections

STRINGS: Ole Bull, Hans Kindler, Herbert Baumel


New Category: CDVs & Cabinet Photos!

Rosa Sucher as Isolde

Rosa Sucher - German Soprano (1847-1927) - Cabinet Photo, shown as Isolde

We have added a hole new category of collectible items to our site !

Rosa Sucher – German Soprano (1847-1927) – Cabinet Photo, shown as Isolde


One where you can find unsigned, old CDVs (carte de visite) and vintage cabinet photos.

While signed cabinets and CDVs already exist in our site, the unsigned ones are sometimes very sought-after and hard to find in stores like ours – We thought adding this category was a great way to help collectors find them.


The new category will be slowly expanded and will include composers, singers, instrumentalists, conductors, etc.


Find the new section —> HERE