Coming Up: A New Tamino Autographs – Now Including Film Autographs!

We are currently working hard on a new, faster and better version of our website – and there will be quite a few, imporant changes – A preview of what our new homepage will be

Expanded Catalog: We are expanding our offering, adding a new category (Autographs – Film), divided into 3 subcategories (film actors, actresses and directors). Initially with a small collection, inventory in these categories will be expanded in the upcoming months.

This new section will cover film artist autographs from before 1975 (approx.).

New Web Address: our main web address will be,

although the old web address ( will continue working.

Improved Search Engine: a greatly improved search engine that can find items not only by specific keywords but going deeper, screening into item descriptions. It will be easier for you to find the right autograph or program, without so much browsing and reading.

New Homepage: with a slideshow, highlighting some of our best items, a new top banner, clear contact information, and more.

New Product Pages: which will include zoomable images to view autographs in greater detail.

Our new website should go live (replace the current one) sometime during June 2014, it will of course include some new autograph material that will be listed here in a future posting.


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