Enrico Caruso: New Autograph Material Listed

We have added 4 autograph items to the section exclusively dedicated to Enrico Caruso

Enrico Caruso - The Lotos Club 1916

Enrico Caruso – Beautifully decorated, signed menu from a dinner from The Lotos Club, 1916, honoring him

–   A large size menu of the Lotos Club from a dinner in 1916 honoring Caruso, signed by him, a rare, quite unique item (see photo inset)

– A small caricature signed and dated in London in 1914, framed together with a nice photograph of the great tenor – Truly lovely item (SOLD)

– A signed photo of him in Pagliacci, framed with a Metropolitan Opera clip, and

– A large size portrait of the tenor signed in Lisbon, Portugal in 1903 (SOLD)

Also listed on the website were two vintage scores with Caruso´s photo on front, one released after his death honoring him


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