Jan/2011: New Additions!

Dozens of new items have been added to inventory since our last posting here

Singers: Photographs signed by Pinza, Giordani, Freni, Corelli, Milanov, Tebaldi, Sutherland, Sayao, Erna Sack and others. Over 120 in total.

Conductors: signed photos of Arturo Toscanini and Hors Stein. Also, several (unsigned) programs and playbills with Gustav Mahler conducting and a rare playbill for a Johann Strauss concert on tour in the United States.

Also, an 1826 playbill for a London performance of Oberon, conducted by the composer, Carl Maria von Weber, just months before his passing away.

Violinists: signed photos of Zino Francescatti, Ilja Livschakoff, Nathan Milstein and others – Programs and playbills (unsigned) for concerts by Ole Bull, Bronislaw Huberman and others.

Wagner´s Ring Playing Cards!: Added to our section of “Mousepads & More”


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