Just Acquired: MusicAutographs.com (La Scala Autographs)

Tamino Autographs is pround to announce the successful purchase of MusicAutographs.com, the

Giovanni Velluti - Signed Concert Pass 1828

Giovanni Velluti, the last great castrato – Signed concert pass to admit one person, 1828

domain comes with the name and inventory of La Scala Autographs, located in Princeton, NJ. Founded in 1975 by expert autograph dealer James Camner, La Scala has been providing quality autographs to collectors for 40 years. With this purchase, we will have the domain, a nice inventory, and, more importantly, James´expertise helping us. We are very excited to also announce that Tamino Autographs now becomes the provider of autographs for the Metropolitan Opera shop.

Included in the inventory was this amazing concert pass to admit one person, signed in 1828 by the last great castrato, Giovanni Velluti – during the Bel Canto era and later, it was common practice for singers and composers to give away these notes offering free tickets to someone.


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